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Before the day Jeeps came into the American mainstream, they spent the years of WWII "earning their stripes".  Over 300,000 were produced for the war effort, and were used by every branch of the military.  We kicked some ass and the Jeep became famous.

In the 80 years following, Jeeps have grown from a sub-culture phenomenon to an underground brotherhood.  No other vehicle has been as popular for so long, nor created so many Clubs and aftermarket suppliers.

So if your Jeep today is your first, or like many of us your umpteenth, then welcome.  

"Hey Jayman thanks for the history lesson and what not but what's it all about this Jeep Underground?"

Ok so I created Jeep Underground to be your hook-up headquarters for your Jeep and Jeep life. My mechanics and retail employees are Jeep nerds. We love Jeeps, know Jeeps, fix Jeeps, and do crazy Jeep stuff.  CJ's, YJ's, TJ's, LJ's, XJ's, JK's, JL's (and hey, don't take this as anything but just because you drive a JK or JL doesn't mean you don't have to wave. Wave dammit!) we do 'em all.  Our favorite part of the weekend is telling our kids "Get out and stand over there. And oh. Hold my beer."  Probably much like yours.

We are a full-service Jeep shop offering everything you may need.  Parts, service, & accessories?  Check.  Welding?  Check.  Fabricating?  Check.  Machine shop?  Check.  A range of other services like graphics and what not?  Check.  Rent Jeeps?  Sure do.  Family coming in from out-of-town and you want to take them trail riding?   Check.  Hell we even sell ammo and live bait here and a host of other outdoor products.   

It's also a place to check out upcoming Jeep events and hang out.  On our Events page you will find every open event going on by other clubs and businesses as well as Jeep Underground events, and in our shop you'll find a relaxed lounge area with drinks, maps, snacks and videos.  All the stuff to help you plan a great trail ride. It's kinda like a cool tree fort for us Jeep "kids".

So what do you have to do to access our awesome Jeep Underground and it's jeep-crazy pricing and fun?  Slap that sticker on the back of your rig (or any place the world can see it) click the button to the right and register.   Register?  Yeah, we like to randomly pick a Jeep we see out on the trail for road freebies, so if you don't register, you can't win.

So if you choose to join us, welcome Jeep Undergrounder!  Let's build some cool rigs and have some fun!


Having fun, keeping your rig trail ready, and creating your unique ride.  Check out our services, kits, and events pages.  You'll see great prices, cool events, and service that will make you smile.

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