Our Service Pledge

We only know how to do things one way. The right way.  

We perform all shop work professionally, on time, and at the agreed price.  

We make sure to update you on our progress, inform you of any important "next visit" items, and deliver your rig back to you ready to roll!

Of course we back up all of our work with our "No worries" guarantee.

So kick back and enjoy your new Jeep hook-up in Fountain Hills just minutes from your favorite off-road trails.

Full Synthetic Oil Change

VP Race Fuel is the bomb and their synthetic lubricants are no joke either.  

Complete oil change with full synthetic VP Race oil and Wix filter for $45. 

All While you kick back and chill on our super comfortable couch!

C'mon now.

Battery Replacement

Like us, you probably run all sorts of lights, stereo equipment, air compressors and even refrigerators running your battery to the max! Nevermind having the A/C cranked while crawling at a snails pace. All this adds up and equals dead batteries fast.

We suggest and offer the Interstate MTX-48. 760CCA with a 3 year warranty for only $210! 

Yes please!

Transmission Fluid Flush & Fill

How important is that transmission to us Jeepers? Pretty damn important.

Keep your rigs transmission in peak shape with a new filter, gasket, flush and fill all for $140.

Diff Service

You drive off-road, have big tires, and live in Arizona. Well your diffs and diff fluid get hot. Really hot.

Save yourself some shop time and big mess when you least want it and change your diff fluid for just $99.

Gear Change

Got those big tires that you love but notice the drag on power? 

Bring it by the shop so we can solve your problem by upgrading those gears to 4.56 or 4.88 and get cruising again!

Kits starting at $1,600.00 installed. 

Kit includes carrier bearings!  

Jeep Underground

Speedo & Tranny calibration

Big tire upgrades are a necessity to enjoy your Jeep’s full capabilities while off-road but they mess up the calibration of your speedometer and transmission shift points while on-road. When you upgrade, always remember to re-calibrate! 

We can re-calibrate your rig for $145.99 and you keep the controller!

transmission cooler

Keeping that dreaded HOTOIL warning light off is more important to your transmission than you think. There are things you can change on the trail when they break but a transmission ain’t one of them!

For the ultimate peace of mind, bring it by the shop and get our forced air transmission cooler installed starting at just $179.99.

In shop brake, rotor and line upgrade

The last place you want to second guess your brakes is on that steep knarly off-camber downhill. Front big brake kit by Crown, Front & rear stainless brake lines by RC, and premium quality brake fluid. Starting at $799.99 installed.

Shop Note: 17" wheels are required for installation. Kit is NOT compatible with factory Jeep wheels due to caliper clearance.

ball joint replacement

Clunking in the steering when turning? 

Tires wearing abnormally? 

Death Wobble? 

Then it's probably time to change out those ball joints! 

Depending on your suspension and/or tire upgrades we can replace with OEM/equivalent or suggest a Heavy Duty upgrade. 

Replacement kits starting at $499 installed.

all the other stuff

Beyond just keeping your rig maintained, we provide a full automotive, electrical, fabrication, welding, and accessory shop in Fountain Hills to our customers around the valley.

Call Jay to discuss your needs at 480-448-4921.